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Updated: 18 November 2010, 22:31


  • Socialist literature.
    • $125 per 1,000 words,
      or by fixed price contract.
  • Editing.
    • Basic editing/proofing.
    • $10 plus $0.20 per page,
      or by fixed price contract.
  • Web site design and maintenance.
    • Designs to focus your customers on your content, not extraneous eye candy.
    • Standards compliant web sites to ensure customers receive a quality experience using any web standards compliant browser.
    • Time ($25/hour) and materials.
    • Site designs start at about $250.
  • Unix and Linux system administration.
    • Initial setup, and maintenance of Solaris systems. Time ($50/hour) and materials.
    • Initial setup, and maintenance of Linux systems. Time ($25/hour) and materials.
  • Windows PC setup and problem analysis.
    • Time ($25/hour) and materials.

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